Switching homes for my rambling and rants

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Pinterest is a social media service which allows you to collect information from various sources around the internet in a curated colleciton for easy reference and sharing.

When lockdown began in South Africa, everyone went looking for things to do, either to fill the time while not being allowed to work or to feel productive. I joined in a bit of gardening, while others turned to art, dance, music or making videos. I found my groove when I turned to writing.

Pen to paper in the modern way, which is rather more keyboard to screen,  became a nightly activity and I’ve written, responded and ranted on a variety of topics. If nothing else, hopefully it has been entertaining.

What I have chosen to do, in order to keep some semblance of control of my own creation, is to move it from Facebook and write instead on my long-neglected website/blog. I’ve managed this site for many years, using it more as a proving ground and testing opportunity for various technologies as they have become of interest than a serious website. We will see what develops from this transition.

Part of this change is also to make use of my Facebook Page as more than just a gallery for some of my images. We will find out together how this little experiment progresses.

In addition to transitioning to a place where I have greater control of my content, another reason to write here if I continue for any length of time would be the fragile nature of the Internet and social media. Facebook, like every other social media platform, could disappear at any time. There is precedent for the insubstantial nature of the online world. Sites like MySpace became radically different, Google’s social media platform evaporated quietly and Flickr is on shaky ground. There are others, you might even have used some of them.

Rather than put in all this effort to have it disappear like morning mist before the rising sun, I’ll share from my own space on the Internet. If you are a creator – of anything digital – I would recommend that you consider taking charge of your creation by posting it where it is not left to the vagaries of faceless corporations.

Your local service provider will be able to set you up with some website hosting, or you can decide on something more polished and professional by approaching a dedicated hosting company. If you can create it, there is a platform available for you to do it. Do not rely on the social media platforms to do it for you.

On a final note, and sticking with the social media theme, have you tried Pinterest yet? If there’s any interest you might have, on any topic, a Pinterest account will let you collect information from around the web and put it all in one place like a large basket or clipboard collection of information. Not only can you arrange all the information in a handy spot, you can also share it with anyone.

Author: Morné Condon

Automotive journalist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, following new models, old cars, car clubs and motorsport. My interests are not restricted to the automotive environment, although this is where I am mostly to be found.

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