We work or suffer together

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Some blog posts ago I wrote about the so-called “super spreader” events. These are events where a disregard for social distancing and mask-wearing result in an outbreak of COVD infections days or weeks later. It appears time to revisit that theme, for two reasons.

The first reason is that there are very real examples, both locally and internationally, that this is happening – and the consequences are very real.

Here are some examples:

This article mentions two having happened in East London. A surge in infections amongst students in the healthcare faculty …

Then there’s the recent Sturgis Rally in the United States. In typical American style a blanket of confusion has been thrown over the whole event so you can either believe it is a super-spreader or not, depending on your personal bias, opinion, trust or distrust in medical science or your belief in personal freedom.

This news article originates in the UK, like the first one from East London, this mentions the actions of students. Reading through it it read like textbook student hijinks, with partygoers hiding in the basement, and upstairs, keeping quiet in the hopes the police would leave.

It is this final article which warrants the most attention. It isn’t specifically about super spreaders or the virus itself, but it provides indicators of what happens if the Covid precautions are taken seriously – and also what lies ahead if we don’t start getting things right.

China might have been the country where we were first made aware of the virus, it is also the first to have effected a strong lockdown, and now it appears that it is leading the way in terms of economic recovery.

If you’ve been anywhere near a shopping centre recently you’ll have noticed things are that bit quieter away from the grocery aisles. Go to any hotels and guesthouses and it will be quieter still and the airports, well that’s something else entirely. Here’s the rub, the longer we drag this out the harder the economic impact is going to be and the further behind we will fall to countries that deal with it better.

Already unemployment is surging, businesses are closing, prices are rising and the government is already borrowing money. The deeper we dig this hole, the harder life is going to be for all of us. No matter your financial situation, you will be touched by the effects, eventually.

On a final note, the first time human eyes were ever able to directly observe the structure of an excited hydrogen atom was back in 2013. This became possible with the development of a quantum microscope. It has been three decades since the proposal of photoionisation microscopy was first made and it was proven practical in 2013, an important development in the exploration of quantum physics.

Author: Morné Condon

Automotive journalist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, following new models, old cars, car clubs and motorsport. My interests are not restricted to the automotive environment, although this is where I am mostly to be found.

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