Beaches, booze and … brawls?

Not quite a handful of days have passed since the announcement of the lifting of the beach ban, the warm weather in my neck of the woods has seen people flock to the water’s edge and alcohol has made a rapid appearance. Will this first weekend be … disappointing?

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The age of digital slavery

The internet was touted as a pervasive digital playground of free space, free-thinking and an insatiable curiosity. It has developed from a wild frontier, where anything was possible, into a corporate collection of cubicles in which we all slave – to their benefit.

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Booze, beaches and all those jabs

We had a short-notice presidential address on Monday which leaves us in post-holiday lockdown, featuring eased restrictions including a reduced curfew, the return of alcohol and a lifting of the beach ban – with news on the first vaccine arrivals.

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