Warning, your mask might make you unrecognisable

There was an address from the president this evening, the first in a while and with one overall goal – to extend the state of emergency for another month. So that’s another month of lockdown level one.

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Turning a new leaf is a good read

Reading is an adventure, a way to travel without leaving your chair. It isn’t really a chair though, is it? It is a command chair for a rocket ship, a captain’s wheel, a seat at the table, a mansion lounger, a spot on the sand, it is also a seat in a racing car or the front row of any adventure of your choice.

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A quick trip to the outer reaches

It takes 34 hours and 48 minutes to make the 18.8 billion kilometre round-trip from Earth and back in order to reach Voyager 2 and get a response. That’s only if you’re travelling by radio signal though, not something you’re going to be doing in person.

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