Clamouring for booze and smokes

I have to wonder, with this change to Level 2 of the Lockdown, will the return of smokes and drink be enough to distract the populace? It’s like adults handing out sweeties to children in the hopes of buying their silence. “Here, take these but remember, it’s our little secret!”

So remember this and recognise it for what it is, when you kick back and enjoy lighting up while you sip. These are bribes to look the other way, to buy your silence and to ignore what is really happening. You are being given back something that always belonged to you, it is rightfully yours.

Understand throughout that you don’t have to be pro-personal freedom and anti-lockdown or pro-lockdown and anti-personal freedom. You can be pro both of these things or some mix between, this is the real world, not the black-and-white “with us or against us” fallacy created by the extremist far-left.

Since I neither use nor need alcohol or tobacco, the ban has had no impact on my life, but a government arbitrarily denying rights “because” does have an impact on me. For this reason alone it is enough for me to be against such a factless ban, that a democratic government could simply remove such basic rights by hiding behind a piece of legislation while having no proof or valid reason for it is chillingly disturbing.

Think about this while you’re enjoying your favourite tipple, that a democratic government was comfortable behaving in this way. If they are open to this kind of action, where would they draw the line, what else would they do? Also, look at how fast the various state agencies jumped on those bans, more than willing to toe the line from their government masters and trample your rights in the process.

As these restrictions lift, never forget that what you are getting is what is yours, what was taken away to suit those who are meant to serve you – and they were taken away because of their failings. They do not have the ability to do their job effectively, they cannot keep you safe, they cannot keep you healthy and they cannot protect you from something that is neither your fault or responsibility.

No longer do we live in a country where government serves the people, no it is now a government that we serve and the state agencies are all in place to ensure that we remember our position in society. It has all been made quite clear with the regulations and the enforcement of those regulations all the way down the line.

Despite this cold snap we are currently going into, we know that summer is coming and warmer weather somehow seems to make everything better. Let’s look forward to that together, shall we? Some summer sun, longer daylight hours and a chance to make the world a better place.

On a final note, instead of just sticking with posting my stuff on social media, I have created the beginnings of a gallery online. There’s no pattern to it, there’s no way to comment and you can’t share it but you can go and look. Visit the gallery and you’ll see the images I’ve already added and there will be more to come. I hope you enjoy them.

Author: Morné Condon

Automotive journalist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, following new models, old cars, car clubs and motorsport. My interests are not restricted to the automotive environment, although this is where I am mostly to be found.

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