Motocross season starts this weekend

Photo: Morné Condon

I stumbled across the fact that the 2017 South African #motocross season gets underway in #PortElizabeth this weekend (specifically Saturday 18 February) at #Rover Motorcycle Club on the Schoenmakerskop road (Victoria Drive).

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Time to go racing at Victory in PE

Photo: Peter Henning

UPDATE: Round one of the Eastern Cape Regional Championships takes place on Saturday, March 4. The original race meeting was postponed due to rain. The event will feature three heats of Stock Rods (and a final), three heats of 1660s (and a final) and three heats of American Saloons (and a final) with between seven and eight competitors per race.

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@VolvoCar_SA doesn’t surprise in latest @EuroNCAP testing

Volvo S90 on EuroNCAP website

You expect a certain standard from a company that claims “Since 1927, our philosophy has been to deliver pioneering innovations that put people first. Welcome to our world built on quality, safety and care for the environment.” as the first thing you read on their website.

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Back to safety after the holidays?

News headlines have not had much good news about road deaths in 2016

You’ve survived another mad summer holiday season to the sea and back, now you’re tackling 2017 along with everyone else and you’ve got some serious plans for the year ahead.

Problem is, you’re through what is likely the safest period on local roads.

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@Suzuki_SA #Baleno, puts the light in your life

Suzuki Baleno

Is the Suzuki Baleno set to become the Kim in their Kardashian line-up? The member of the family famous for its rear? Kar-dashians … see what I did there, totally cracked myself up with that gem!

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Hatching a ride with the @Mazda_SA 3

Mazda3 hatchback

My first exposure to the Mazda3(23) was as a teenager when a friend had the use of his mom’s four-door hatch automatic. We went everywhere in that car. The beach, drive-in or just cruising, it was a lifeline to the adventure-hungry trio of social misfits that we were.

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@GuguZulu, today we say goodbye

Gugu Zulu

Last week you made headlines across South Africa – and in other parts of the world as well. I found out what happened on the Kilimanjaro climb from an online news report that was forwarded to me, asking if it was true.

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