Virus chickens begin to roost

Well the official word is out, our National State of Disaster continues for another month, it was confirmed today. Yup, that’s right, lockdown (or what is left of it) continues until at least mid-November. I’m pretty sure that by now you both don’t care and that is has little impact on your daily routine, but it hasn’t gone away.

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A collection of random thoughts

Tonight is a treat of random thoughts that float to the surface during every day, rather than a specific story or topic. These are things that occur to me, from my perspective, and obviously coloured with my life experience and world view. Some you might agree with, others you might not.

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The Greys get moved away

The African Grey parrot is well-known as a great family pet, its long lifespan which can be anything from 30 to 90 years and its ability to mimic sounds (including speech). Native to specific parts of the African continent, they have been bred elsewhere since the 1800s.

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