We can’t talk lockdown

Soon another “My Fellow South Africans” and talks of a lockdown to stem the tide in COVID infections trending upwards? Is this how we will start November, staring down the barrel of a weaponised response to an increase in infections and a televised speech that will drag on, full of dire threats with no substance until we hear from the pandemic ministers?

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What to do now Pandora’s Box is open

We are faced with a tough and complex question. The genie is out of the bottle, the boy has cried wolf, Pandora’s Box is open – all of these things have happened and they can’t be undone. So what happens next?

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The little lockdown holiday

Feels like Friday, but it is only Thursday. That means tomorrow is Monday, mentally. Damn, I’m tired and this week has worked me over properly. I’m wondering though, is it just the week?

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