Lockdown 1, beaches 0

Well, that’s the summer season on the beach down the plughole. One address from the president and lockdown level 1 has become a lot less palatable – and again it seems the repercussions have not been considered in their full extent. Together we will watch this new bit of news unfold.

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We can’t talk lockdown

Soon another “My Fellow South Africans” and talks of a lockdown to stem the tide in COVID infections trending upwards? Is this how we will start November, staring down the barrel of a weaponised response to an increase in infections and a televised speech that will drag on, full of dire threats with no substance until we hear from the pandemic ministers?

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We work or suffer together

Some blog posts ago I wrote about the so-called “super spreader” events. These are events where a disregard for social distancing and mask-wearing result in an outbreak of COVD infections days or weeks later. It appears time to revisit that theme, for two reasons.

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