Go and make something, with your hands

When last did you create something, using your two hands? In this instance, I’m not referring to designing something on computer, printing an item with a 3D printer, writing something by keyboard, or using some electronic device.

When did you last pick up a tool, an implement, a brush, a spade, a piece of equipment and used it to create something real? A painting, a new planting bed, a wood carving, design or structure, something out of clay, a model?

We spend so much time on digital things, documents, spreadsheets, designs that all disappear at the flick of a switch, we forget that we live in a world of real things in which the digital exists only at the pleasure of the electric plug. Go and make something physical, create it yourself and enjoy doing it.

There’s a great personal satisfaction and sense of achievement in making something for yourself – and it really doesn’t need to be complicated. Work in the garden, do something physical that requires a different set of thought processes and muscles to get things done.

On a final note, if you do find the need to write something and you aren’t really comfortable with the writted word, turn to the Hemingway App. It will evaluate your writing and give you an indication of how well you are doing.