The little lockdown holiday

sun setting over the sea

Feels like Friday, but it is only Thursday. That means tomorrow is Monday, mentally. Damn, I’m tired and this week has worked me over properly. I’m wondering though, is it just the week?

This Heritage Day long weekend is the first real breathing space anyone has had since the implementation of lockdown at the end of March. Taking Friday off has meant a long weekend for many and level 1 of the lockdown has provided an opportunity to explode outdoors.

Everything I’ve been told supports this theory, everywhere seems packed with people. It is hard to blame them for wanting to be out, to enjoy their freedom and feel human all over again. To forget for five minutes.

Of course far too few are doing it safely and the vast majority of people have decided the virus is either over or always was a hoax. It is hard to complain about people wanting their lives to be back to normal – as normal as living in South African allows, anyway. Careful or not, the virus doesn’t care – it also doesn’t care if we don’t believe in it.

My tiredness, I think, stems from the same things that are driving everyone outdoors. A few days of reduced responsibility and something a lot closer to the real world means the overwound spring has unsprung – all in one go. The result is something close to exhaustion.

The sudden release of tension shows just how much we’ve been suppressing these past few months, making the attempt of turning trying circumstances into something as normal as possible. Unlike many others, I’ll be back at my desk on Friday morning. There are things to do. This is hardly a punishment though, I’ve always enjoyed working.

This weekend is likely to be a festival of going to bed early and sleeping late, breathing easier air, even if only psychologically. For me, like so many others, it is time to get back a better lifestyle by making it one that shows some promise and some hope.

Memes are floating around the internet suggesting that come 00:00:01 01/01/2021 we will be living in a better world because 2020 will finally be over. I’ve got news for you, when that first second of the new year rolls around, if you haven’t already been actively working to making things better then it won’t be.

On a final note, did you know that a bus-sized asteroid passed some 20,000km from the earth’s surface this evening (Thursday)? Asteroid 2020SW passed on a path which is just seven percent of the moon’s distance from the planet at a speed of 27,520km/h. If you missed it, it will pass by this way again in 2041.

Worried an asteroid like this is going to be the end of us? There are quite a few of them that come whizzing by, at least this close, every year and one or two impact the atmosphere and burn up. That’s according to the people who study near-earth objects at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. No need to worry then.

Author: Morné Condon

Automotive journalist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, following new models, old cars, car clubs and motorsport. My interests are not restricted to the automotive environment, although this is where I am mostly to be found.

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