Let the good vibes seep in

So, how you doin’? No, seriously, how are you? This past winter has been a pretty hellish experience, and you’ve done rather well to get through it. Now things are warming up, in more ways than one, but it has been a tough road to get this far, it has come at a cost, so how are you holding up?

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Spring into your body

Officially 1 September marks the beginning of the Spring season in the Southern Hemisphere. With four seasons in the 12-month year, it means each season is effectively three months (mathematically, at any rate).

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Here’s to the warmer weather coming!

If you are reading this, and are on my half of the planet (south of the equator), we are about to make the big leap. We go from a wild, fairly wet and decidedly chilly – at the end – winter to a hopeful Spring.

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